Team leader:Wang Qiang:
    12 years’ experiences as Software Engineer & Game Developer, Blockchain enthusiast, chief software engineer at 31 degrees north latitude Studio Ingenuity Team in Giant Interactive Group Inc. 
    Personal hobbies:Basketball,Movie,Animation
    Self-evaluation:Well-established professional knowledge relating to programming and blockchain; reliable and hardworking; a strong interest in cryptoeconomics; outstanding teamwork and communication skills; 
Team Consultant:Liu Jie:
    12 years of experience in game software engineering. Now work as chief engineer of Inuyasha project in 31 Degree Northern Altitude Studio,Giant Interactive Group. Expertise in driving several 2D and 3D projects and proficiency in data structure and algorithm. Once worked in the renowned gaming company Xishanju. Enthusiastic about blockchain since 2016, studied numerous public chain code including Bitcoin,  Ethereum and eos. Bachelor degree in financial system and thus professional in analyzing financial trend. With prudent investment style, I have successfully flowed with the cryptocurrency vibe and gained considerable profit. My predictions about the market have been posted on a famous Chinese cryptocurrency forum and its accuracy has won followers and respect.
I am recruiting another operating staff, and will form a team of 3 persons to maintain the operation of IoTeX Delegate