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My last trip to China was wonderful, we went to Guangzhou, my hometown, visited my relatives and friends, met some friends we haven't seen for years, even found my first love girl in my early age, who was so beautiful and remembered, came to my dream so many times. That was a very nice trip.

went _ a school trip 用to還是at

1. went to a school trip2. 因為to表示移動的方向,at表示在某個地方停留,去參加學校的旅行是一個移動的過程,所以用to。

3. 在英語中,常用to表示去某個地方,例如go to school, travel to Paris等等。

而at則表示在某個地方停留,例如at school, at home等等。

因此,正確的表達是went to a school trip。

went _ a school trip 用to還是at

1 應該用on2 因為school trip是一次特定的活動,在某個特定的日期或時間段內進行,所以應該使用on表達時間點的概念3 例如:I went on a school trip last week.(我上周參加了一次學校組織的旅行活動。


A Trip I went hiking to a mountain with my friends last summer. It was a good trip at the beginning but something unexpected happened on the half way. One of my friends suddenly felt a terrible pain in his stomach and he couldn't move any further. Nobody knew what to do. One girl tried to call her mum with her mobile phone but there was no signal in the mountain area. Luckily we brought a tent with us. We put it up and let him rest in it. He took some medicine. Then he drank some water, and ate some food. After a while, he felt much better and we walked on. We all enjoyed ourselves on the top of the mountain.



1.It'd be fun, after the situation in Europe settles down, to take a trip over to France.等歐洲的局勢平定下來后,去法國旅行一趟應該不錯。

2.They are planning on a trip to Guyana next month.他們計劃下個月去圭亞那旅行。

3.Last June I decided to take a trip to Marbella.去年6月我決定去馬貝拉旅行。

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